Welcome home! I’m glad that you are visiting this site to learn about piano lessons for your child. Exploring and researching constitutes the first step in finding out about the many options you have to enrich your child’s life. Because of this, I hope you find all of the information that you need. If you do not, please contact me at suekranzpiano@gmail.com, or (919)697-8131 to ask any questions. I hope to answer them and fill in any details as you consider this important decision.

Music lessons, and piano lessons, in particular, help a child grow in ways that foster cooperation and discipline. Music acts as a group activity or an individual one, or both! We hold within us an innate response to music. Just watch the babies and young children move and groove whenever they hear it. This natural response makes it easy to begin lessons, and all in all, practice makes the lessons work.

Children respond differently. For example, some children follow a schedule and find motivation to improve as quickly as possible. Other children find it more challenging to engage, once the material gets a little more difficult. All children succeed if their personal goals are known and acknowledged, focusing on what motivates the child and brings them joy. That process for the teacher takes time and interaction. The mini-lesson at my home that I require for new students allows for the initial contact to see if the fit works for the student, the parent, and me.

Read more about me to evaluate whether you think I could be a good fit as a piano teacher for your child.

Piano Lessons Near Hillsborough

I offer piano lessons near Hillsborough to children and adults.
Introductory lesson – $10 for a twenty minute lesson
Cost – $97 per month for a half hour lesson (no extra charge for months with five weeks)
Books – can be purchased through Amazon or through me
Ask about a monthly payment option and sibling discount.

About Me

About me, I began taking piano lessons at the age of 8, having been interested for years while I picked out tunes on the piano. My parents had been advised by a piano teacher they knew that waiting until I could read fluently ensured later success. That can be true for some children although it was not true for me.  Many children read well enough or have the skills to begin reading before the age of 7 or 8. I continued to play through middle and high school for recitals, the Guild Auditions, and to accompany school and church choirs. I performed a solo, full-length, senior recital in high school that prepared me to enter music at the collegiate level.
In college, I completed a program for Music Education majors that included a Degree With Recital. I prepared the same as a piano major would have for the performance. I graduated with a BME from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. After graduation, I began teaching music classes and giving piano lessons. In graduate school at the University of Miami, Florida, where I earned an MM degree,  I continued taking lessons and expanded my experience to teaching music to younger children. In both of these degrees, I participated in excellent vocal ensembles, as well as accompanying vocalists, instrumentalists, and choirs.
I taught music in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida to ages as young as 2.5 all the way through college. I have accompanied All County Chorus in Maryland, as well as many other chorus concerts and solo competitions.  More recently, I pursued a Primary certificate in Montessori (AMS). I completed an internship working with primary ages, 2.5 years – 6 years old. This experience broadened my understanding of how children learn, focusing on how to make learning meaningful to a child, based on their individual strengths and challenges.
Music has been a constant thread throughout my life, providing a lot of joy, challenge, and connection. Music is a language that is common to every person and every culture, even when they differ. Piano lessons with Sue Kranz is just an extension of my lifelong love and enjoyment of music. Music can enrich the lives of everyone who participates!


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Contact me

Contact me to find out why the teacher/student relationship matters. I require an introductory 20 minute lesson for $10, so that we can discover together what works best for your child (or you!). The lesson will give you and your child (or you!) a meaningful musical experience to help in your decision making process.

Contact me at (919)697-8131, or suekranzpiano@gmail.com, for further information on music lessons for children, including time availability. We will connect on your child’s growth and development and your goals and expectations around lessons. This will help everyone develop appropriate and helpful expectations surrounding the lesson experience based on the child’s interests and motivation. For younger students like kindergarteners, a 20 minute lesson will probably be enough, developing their skills at focusing and attending. For some five year olds, a 30 minute lesson would be the right length. It truly depends on the child.

Lessons will be held at our home in Cedar Grove, about 7 miles north of Hillsborough. Learn about this peaceful setting that provides a place to learn and grow alongside nature in a calm and relaxed environment. I provide you with directions when we set the introductory lesson time for your child and you.